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'Great if Novak Djokovic makes me earn more, but I won't go against the ATP,' says Alexander Bublik

Novak Djokovic looks glum at Australian Open

Alexander Bublik says he will not 'go against' the ATP, but he is happy to take more money if Novak Djokovic and the PTPA can get him it.

Men's tennis is going through something of a period of political division at the moment, with Djokovic and Vasek Pospisil quitting the ATP Players Council last year to set up a new independent players union (PTPA).

Although publicly amicable, tensions were revealed last week when Pospisil was heard telling a chair umpire that ATP chief Andrea Gaudenzi had 'screamed at him' for over an hour in a meeting.

He also told the umpire he would sue the ATP if he was defaulted from the match for his comments, although he later apologised for making his frustrations public.

That prompted many players including Milos Raonic and John Isner to publicly declare their support for Pospisil and the PTPA, but Bublik will not be joining them.

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"I saw the video where Vasek tried to sue the ATP or whatever," Bublik said after his Miami Masters quarterfinal defeat to Jannik Sinner. "I'm not with PTPA."

"I enjoy what I make. Of course if Novak makes me earn more, I'll say thank you. But I won't fight for it.

"At the end of the day, ATP feeds us, and I don't want to go against it because I don't see anything that Novak or Vasek can really sue them for."

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