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'It is more important to write that Novak Djokovic is a hypocrite' - Serbian blasts media agenda against him

Djokovic vows to continue to fight for the PTPA despite escalating arguments.
Novak Djokovic at ATP Finals

Novak Djokovic has accused the media of holding an agenda against him as the row over the PTPA continues to escalate. 

Djokovic quit the ATP Players Council in August to create another independent union: The Professional Tennis Players Association.

This week it emerged that other players had nominated him to re-join the council and it was something he was happy to do, as long as he was able to continue to represent players in both organisations.

However, Djokovic has essentially been banned from doing so, with the Players Council approving a new rule that prevents any member of the PTPA from also sitting on their board.

For Djokovic, though, the way the media choose to report such things arguably an even more institutionalised problem.

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"Often the things I say are changed," Djokovic said, as quoted by Sport Klub.

"They said that it might be hypocritical for me to be the founder of PTPA and to return to the Players' Council at the same time.

"These are political games behind the scenes, but they are rarely written about. It is [more] important to write that Novak Djokovic is a hypocrite.

"But well, it's not the first time. I'm used to it, it strengthens my resistance, shield and motivates me even more to do what is right for sports and players."

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