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'Novak Djokovic is someone of incredible generosity,' says former French Open finalist

Novak Djokovic smiling

Former French Open finalist Henri Leconte has hailed Novak Djokovic for his character saying many fans mistake his desire to innovate for a need to be controversial. 

Djokovic is often criticised by the tennis media and some fans for that they perceive to be unconventional views.

Leconte, though, believes much of that is down to the fact Djokovic's upbringing in war-torn Serbia is unrelatable for most fans, but also that he feels a need to innovate in order to enhance his legacy in tennis.

"Novak is always looking for that little something extra with respect to his two companions (Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer)," Henri Leonte said, as quoted by

"He wants to be different and he is different, he does not have the same thinking and the same vision. He suffered a lot.

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"Sometimes you can't talk about demons but there are things that stand out and he's awkward.

"But he is also someone of incredible generosity when you see what he does for children in Serbia or for his foundation. This is what makes him charming too.

"We are lucky to have three exceptional players and others. Novak is someone who wants to innovate."

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