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Novak Djokovic will attempt to win his tenth Australian Open title in 2023 and Nick Kyrgios believes the Serbian will put on a ‘show’ for the fans.

Djokovic was caught up in a border controversy last year, which eventually ended up in him being deported and not allowed to compete at the first Grand Slam of the season due to his Covid vaccination status.

However, it was announced last month that he will be allowed back to play, and home-grown talent Kyrgios is happy to see him once again get the platform to showcase his dominance.

"He's healthy, ready to play and put on a show for our fans and for our country – we're very lucky to have him,” said Kyrgios.

"Look, he's the best player in the world in my opinion, I'm glad we're welcoming him back to come in and show what a great tennis player he is.

“I feel like no tournament is a full-strength tournament without Novak Djokovic in it,” continued Kyrgios.

"Novak, [Roger] Federer and [Rafael] Nadal, they were always the three-headed monster everybody wanted to beat."

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Asked about his relationship with Djokovic, which was deemed a ‘bromance’ after Kyrgios backed Djokovic during the visa fiasco, the Australian said "It's not really a new relationship – but the media tends to set the tone and they kinda created a narrative we didn't really like each other.

"But Novak knows I was the only person to really stand up for him when a real-life issue occurred.

"I feel like the respect, that when someone does that for you, when they talk about you and stand up for you in front of a whole nation, that's when respect's gained, not on how you behave on a tennis court towards each other."

Asked if he thought the Australian Open might see a new men's champion this year, Kyrios replied "I'm gonna say 'no'.

"Well, Rafa will win the French Open, Djokovic will probably win Wimbledon – unless I stop him – so I don't know. Djokovic is so dominant that unless someone really elevates their level at the Australian Open or US Open, I can't see him losing.

"(Daniil) Medvedev could maybe beat him. Look I'd love to win one – but, realistically, he's so dominant."

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