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Novak Djokovic: 'Let's talk about history if everything goes great here'

Novak Djokovic Olympics practice

Novak Djokovic says he is only comfortable talking about him making history if he actually achieves it.

The world number one is going for the Golden Slam this year after already winning all three Grand Slam titles so far this year.

If he can add an Olympic gold medal and the US Open crown to his already incredible haul, he will become the first man to ever achieve the rarest of career accolades.

"I don't want to be compared with anyone," Djokovic said. "I have my own path, my own journey. I'm just focusing on the next match."

"I'll take things slowly and one moment at a time. In the past, I wasn't fully experienced and it backfired on me.

"I know a lot of things are on the line, history is on the line. I am privileged to be in this position, but let's talk about history if everything goes great here, after I finish with the tournament."

Steffi Graf is the only player to have ever won the Golden Slam before - a feat that she achieved in 1996.

Djokovic, though, says he has not reached out to the German about it.

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"I'm not in touch with Steffi," the Serb said. "But if you could connect me with her I would be delighted to ask her how she did it.

"I have utmost respect and admiration for Steffi and everything she has achieved in her career, the mark that she left on our sport.

Novak Djokovic Olympics

"When I was thinking about her ultimate achievement - the four Slams and Olympic gold medal in one year - I didn't think there was even a slim chance that someone could do it again.

"But right now it seems more and more realistic for me. Of course that's one of the goals and dreams.

"It is hard to compare the circumstances back in the day when she played and now. But still, the champion mentality that she possesses is definitely something that inspires me.
"Hopefully I'll be able to use that in my upcoming task."

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