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Craig Tiley: Novak Djokovic's 'list of demands' was a leaked WhatsApp message

Novak Djokovic looks glum at Australian Open

Craig Tiley says the reported 'letter of demands' Novak Djokovic sent him was no more than a leaked WhatsApp 'open dialogue' containing suggestions.

Djokovic came in for a huge amount of criticism, particularly from the Australian Media, for allegedly making the 'demands' whilst some players were stuck in hard quarantine ahead of the Australian Open.

Tiley, though, has reiterated his previous defence of Djokovic, and clarified again that the story was misreported at the time.

“Behind the scenes, he sent me a WhatsApp message when they were in Adelaide doing their quarantine program," Tiley explained on 3AW Sportsday.

"He had a bunch of suggestions to try and help the 72 athletes who were in the isolated quarantine here - half of which weren’t practical and wouldn’t be allowed and the other half which were possible.

“Then it turned out someone on his own team or someone in the ATP leaked that and then it looked like he sent a list of demands which was probably an unfair criticism of him because we were having an open dialogue.”

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Tiley also lifted the lid on his personal experiences with Djokovic, insisting that, in his opinion, there is a lot of misconception about him.

“Behind the scenes my conversations with him have always been very good," Tiley added.

"I must admit this year I found him the best he’s ever been even though it was a stressful time and he was taking a lot of knocks from people.

“I think in many ways he just tries to help others and sometimes just doesn’t land on the timing of when to do that. At the end of the day he’s a remarkable athlete.”

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