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Novak Djokovic on Nick Kyrgios: 'We know how dangerous he is - he is a complete player'

Novak Djokovic has described Nick Kyrgios as 'a complete player' ahead of a blockbuster Wimbledon final.
Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon in 2021

Novak Djokovic says he is 'happy' to see Nick Kyrgios in a Grand Slam final, but not surprised as he considers the Australian 'a complete player.'

Djokovic has never beaten Kyrgios, and there is perhaps no better testament to the latter's talent than that.

Kyrgios, though, has struggled to focus on his tennis and that has led to a career of underachievement when compared to the sheer talent he has.

Although many considered him a legitimate contender for Wimbledon following a good grass season, few thought he would be contesting the final itself. Djokovic, though, does not believe anyone should be surprised - and he certainly won't be underestimating him.

“In a way it’s a surprise because of his ranking," Djokovic explained. "He has never reached a Grand Slam final. So maybe not too many people are giving him big chances to reach the finals.

“I think, between us players, we always know how dangerous he is, on grass particularly, because of his game, because of his attitude on the court being so confident, just going for it, being a very complete player.

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“It seems like mentally he’s at a better state than where he was some years ago. These are the occasions he loves, where he thrives, in a big stage. So in a way it’s also not a surprise for me that he’s there.

“Honestly, as a tennis fan, I’m glad that he’s in the finals because he’s got so much talent. Everyone was praising him when he came on the tour, expecting great things from him."

“Of course, then we know what was happening throughout many years with him mentally, emotionally. On and off the court, a lot of different things that were distracting him and he was not being able to get this consistency.

“For the quality player that he is, this is where he needs to be, and he deserves to be.”

Before Wimbledon this year, the further Nick Kyrgios has been in a Grand Slam singles draw was the quarterfinals, although he has won a major in men's doubles.

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