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Novak Djokovic: 'One defeat cannot destabilise me! My goals remain the same'

Novak Djokovic standing proud

Novak Djokovic says one defeat will not reduce his hunger for history, and he has vowed to be even more focused next year.

Djokovic lost the French Open final to an inspired Rafael Nadal on Sunday and then had to endure reporters questioning whether it had dented his belief he can win more Grand Slam titles than anyone.

He is now three behind both Roger Federer and Nadal in the race, but he has warned against writing him off.

"If I thought that it was too late, I would have ended my career today," Novak Djokovic told reporters after the match.

"But I do not think it is too late, I will keep on going as long as I have fuel in my legs and love and desire towards the sport.

"One defeat, even though it is a Grand Slam final, cannot destabilise me.

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"I have developed rather a thick skin, I do not allow myself to be disturbed by various speculations.

"Myself and Nadal, and especially Federer - we have been written off many times, people were sending us into retirement, but we keep coming back and proving we are the best in the world despite all the pressure.

"My desire is still huge, I love and enjoy this game.

"My professional goals stay the same - historic number one ranking and Grand Slam titles.

"If I achieve the former, which I hope to do next year, my focus will turn even more to Grand Slam tournaments in terms of approach, energy, and schedule."

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