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Top analyst backs Novak Djokovic comments: 'It doesn't make sense to have line judges'

Novak Djokovic shocked

Novak Djokovic has found support for his call to replace line judges with Hawk-Eye with ESPN analyst Patrick McEnroe.

Coronavirus restrictions on how many people you can have at a venue this year has seen many tournaments forced to use a live Hawk-Eye system to replace the line-judge and challenge system.

That has been popular with players but less so with the tournaments who would be responsible for paying for it.

However, Patrick McEnroe, who won the French Open men's doubles as a player and is now a prominent analyst, has backed Djokovic.

“I think at the highest level of pro tennis, we’ll probably be seeing less and less line judges," McEnroe told the Holding Court podcast.

"Not all the smaller events can afford to have the hawk-eye system which is fairly expensive.

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“In this time when you are trying to limit the number of people on-site, it doesn’t make sense to have line judges because that’s just a lot of extra people you don’t need.

"Hawk-Eye system just works extremely well.”

The US Open was one tournament that opted to keep line-judges this year, but only on the show courts, due to a commercial partnership they have with Ralph Lauren, who sponsor the uniforms.

Ironically, Djokovic unluckily fell fowl of that decision as he was defaulted for accidentally striking a line-judge with a ball.

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