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Novak Djokovic defends Roland Garros delay: 'From their perspective, it was the right call'

French Open order of play Roland Garros - updated ATP schedule

Novak Djokovic has remained diplomatic in the row over the Roland Garros delay, insisting it's important to appreciate everyone has a different perspective. 

Roland Garros revealed last week that for the second successive year they would be delaying the start of the tournament due to the coronavirus crisis, this time for a week to allow a national lockdown to pass.

That has affected other tournaments, while players such as Daniil Medvedev and Milos Raonic have also been critical due to the scheduling problems it will cause.

Djokovic, though, says he can see everyone's point of view, but ultimately imperfect circumstances bring imperfect solutions.

“Last year was also quite specific because they moved it to October," Djokovic said.

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"It was cold, it was the first time that we got to play French Open in those particular conditions. This time it’s going to be moved only for a week.

“As I understood, one of the main reasons is because there might be a loosening of the restrictions so that the crowd allowance percentage will grow. Hopefully that will happen.

"It’s tough to say what is right, what is wrong. From Grand Slam, from their perspective, it was obviously right call because they’re thinking about themselves.

"Then the ATP Tour, their tournaments are going to suffer because of that. It’s hard to say what is right, what is wrong.”

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