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'Novak Djokovic is a sweetheart, people don't understand him,' says former coach

Novak Djokovic press

Boris Becker says Novak Djokovic is often misunderstood on the court because people don't know he is a different person away from it.

Becker coached Djokovic earlier in his career so has a better perspective than most about what makes the 18-time Grand Slam champion tick.

He, though, has urged people not to judge Djokovic by what he does on the court alone, where his frustration and sheer ferociousness can get the best of him, and remember he is very different away from a tennis court.

"There's the [Novak Djokovic] on the court - the machine-like, Zen-like, business-like competitor that wants to win no matter what," the German said.

"And then you've got the Novak off the court, who is a sweetheart - loves his family, loves his charity, loves his country - and he would give you his last shirt if you needed one."

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"So you have these two sides that fight with one another sometimes on the court and I think that's why people sometimes don't understand or criticise him.

"They see this fierce competitor that can be ugly at times. But it all comes from a good place."

Djokovic is able to achieve history at the French Open, where he could become the first man to win every major multiple times.

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