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Novak Djokovic the victim of 'the most unlucky thing ever' at US Open, says Andy Roddick

Novak Djokovic's US Open default was 'the most unlucky thing ever,' according to Andy Roddick.
Novak Djokovic US Open disqualification

Andy Roddick has described what happened to Novak Djokovic at the 2020 US Open as 'the most unlucky thing ever.'

Djokovic was in absolutely sensational form at that time in his career, and he was a huge favourite to win the US Open that year.

However, he infamously hit a line-judge with a loose ball and was defaulted in the fourth round.

Djokovic went on to win three of the next four majors, but Roddick believes he was the victim of a quite astonishing piece of bad luck that day in New York.

"If you cruise back to the US Open in 2020 Novak was in full flight, just killing people, it looked like he was kind of gonna kind of run away with this, this all time record," Roddick told the Kasich and Klepper Podcast.

"He slaps the ball. It's the most unlucky thing ever, because I did five things that were angrier, every match, but it hits a lady in the throat. She goes down and he's out of the tournament.

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"Then Australia happens this year with the, the vax, the, the vaccine drama. And it looks like he, as of now, won't be able to come to New York either and play in the US Open.

Asked for a prediction about whether Novak Djokovic will win the most majors by the time his career is over, Andy Roddick pointed out that it is simply impossible to tell.

"We didn't see this wrench (Covid) when we were trying to predict it in 2019, and he's sticking to it.

"He's not gonna get vaccinated, so I don't know how to predict that. I don't know how to predict health."

Novak Djokovic is currently two behind Rafael Nadal in the Grand Slam race, although he appears to have a lot more tennis left in him right now than the Spaniard.

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