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'My thirst for competition is still there,' warns Novak Djokovic after achieving huge record

Novak Djokovic practice Australian Open

Novak Djokovic has warned rivals he is not going anywhere after achieving the historic world number one record.

Djokovic has today surpassed Roger Federer for the most weeks spent as ATP world number one, achieving a long-standing career goal in the process.

However, anyone believing Djokovic may now see a drop in motivation to continue to dominate men's tennis has been advised to think again.

“This achievement is something that I dreamt of when I was a kid starting to play tennis," Djokovic said.

"It’s a tribute to the love and commitment that I have for this sport.

“I hope that I can keep going and playing at this level because the thirst for competition and being part of the professional tennis world is still there."

Although it is Djokovic's name that will be attached to the record, he is also keen to stress it was very much a team effort.

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“I don’t feel that this is only my success, I have to mention the support and the strength and the power that I got from people that are closest to me in my life.

“My family, my entourage, my country really over the years has been a crucial and essential factor into this achievement.

Most weeks world number one March 8

“I probably am not still aware fully of what this represents, because I am still that little kid with a tennis racquet that is excited to go on to the next challenge and play the next tournament and that drive and motivation is still there, which is wonderful to feel.

“Of course, being part of the history of the sport that I truly love and am very passionate about is a huge honour and a privilege.

“To stand alongside all the tennis history greats is something that I always dreamt of and that I truly respect and appreciate so I am very, very joyful and happy.”

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