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Novak Djokovic admits he may 'think twice' about plans to play Tokyo Olympics

Novak Djokovic Australian Open Green

Novak Djokovic says he will 'think twice' about playing the Olympics this summer if fans are not allowed to attend.

The Tokyo games is still surrounded in uncertainly due to the coronavirus crisis, which is still gripping the country a year on from when they were postponed for a year.

Japanese national newspaper and official sponsor of the Tokyo Olympics Asashi Shimbun called last week for the Games to be cancelled, saying: “We ask Prime Minister Suga to calmly and objectively assess the situation and decide on the cancellation of the event this summer."

At the moment, though, it seems a more likely scenario is the Olympics go ahead with a plethora of restrictions, which would likely see fans kept away from events.

If that is the case, it may go ahead without world number one Djokovic.

“I plan on playing in the Olympics, as long as fans are allowed,” Djokovic told reporters in Belgrade.

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‘If not, I’d think twice about participating.”

Roger Federer has also recently expressed doubts about going to Tokyo, saying the uncertainty is making it tough to plan.

“I think what the athletes need is a decision: is it going to happen or is it not going to happen?,' Federer said.

“At the moment, we have the impression that it will happen. We know it’s a fluid situation. And you can also decide as an athlete if you want to go.

"If you feel there’s a lot of resistance, maybe it’s better not to go. I don’t know.”

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