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'Novak Djokovic will not stop until he has all the records,' says Alexander Zverev

Novak Djokovic roar Australian Open

Alexander Zverev says he is astounded by how hungry Novak Djokovic still is to break tennis records and believes he won't stop until he has them all.

World number six Zverev, has long since been an admirer of Djokovic, an the pair seem to have a close relationship on the Tour.

Djokovic surpassed Roger Federer’s previous record of 310 weeks at world number one last month, meaning no man in the history of tennis has spent longer at the top of the world rankings.

And while Djokovic claimed it as the 'biggest achievement of his career', Zverev believes there is still more to come.

“Novak, all the records that he has, they speak for themselves. You can say so many things, he’s won this, he’s won that, he has the record for most weeks at number one,” Zverev said in an interview with ATP Tennis TV.

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“But the interesting thing is to see how hungry he still is. How determined he still is to break even more records, and he’s not going to stop until he has all records that you can have."

Both Zverev and Djokovic are in action at this week’s Monte Carlo Masters and could potentially meet in the quarter-finals.

Their current head to head stats has Djokovic winning six of their eight matches, but Zverev hope that the Serbian will play long enough for him to even that out.

“It’s great to see, he’s great for our sport and I hope he will continue playing for a long time. But I hope I’ll be able to beat him a few more times in my career (laughs).”

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