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Novak Djokovic wrongly portrayed as 'the bad guy' says Alexander Zverev

Novak Djokovic dejected

Alexander Zverev has accused the media of wrongly betraying Novak Djokovic as the bad guy when all he was doing was standing up for others.

A  media storm erupted n Australia when it was reported that Novak Djokovic had issued a series of demands for Tennis Australia to relax quarantine rules for the 72 players in self-isolation.

The news received an overwhelming negative reaction from the Australian Open organisers, the Australian public and the world's press, who felt that Djokovic was disrespecting their rules and speaking out of turn.

The list of requests included better food, access to training equipment, contact with coaches, access to private homes with tennis courts and a shorter quarantine periods if negative tests returned.

The incident resulted in Djokovic issuing his own statement defending his actions and Australian Open Chief Craig Tiley giving his support to the World number one by confirming they were suggestions rather than demands.

Many players have had their say on whether Djokovic was right to speak out, especially as he was not personally effected by the hard quarantine restrictions.

However Zverev has revealed that the suggestions were not in fact that of Djokovic himself, but from the other players and that the Serbian was simply giving them a voice.

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"We were all in a groups chat" Zverev told Eurosport Germany.

"Novak was just there as a leader and as the number one player in the world and he sent the letter out.

"Those were the demands from other players who are in quarantine.

"It was not his own letter, it was the points that were asked by other players.

"He was again portrayed as the bad guy, which is not true because he was just standing up for others."

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