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'Number of Novak Djokovic successes are becoming difficult to even comprehend,' says Jim Courier

Novak Djokovic celebration - hardcourt favoured surface

Novak Djokovic has an 'incomprehensible' ability to break records despite having to fight Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer for them, says Jim Courier.

Djokovic is all but guaranteed a record-equalling (with Pete Sampras) sixth year-end world number one next month. Then, next year, he will surpass Roger Federer for the most weeks spent at world number one.

According to Courier, though, not enough attention is being given to the context behind Djokovic's triumphs.

“When evaluating the all-time greats, there can be a tendency to overvalue singles majors won,” Courier said.

“Weeks at number one, as well as year-end number one finishes, are also very significant aspects of evaluating all-time greats from my perspective.”

“Pete’s six consecutive years is incredible and required not only supreme skill but also physical and mental consistency,” Courier says.

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“Novak’s ability to carve out his own history while playing alongside Federer and Nadal is every bit as difficult and hard to comprehend as Pete’s six years in a row.

“I think he can be number 1 for much longer if he stays focused and healthy.

“There are only two things that seem likely to prevent him from adding more weeks and years at number one: his health and Rafael Nadal.

“There’s no doubt that Novak has been the dominant force in men’s tennis again this season. The numbers don’t lie.”

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