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Patrick Mouratoglou tips Andy Murray to win fitness fight: 'He's incredibly courageous'

Andy Murray fistpump

Patrick Mouratoglou says he still believes Andy Murray can return to the top table in tennis, and has called him 'incredibly courageous' for keeping on trying.

Murray has not found it easy to get the run of matches he requires to battle back from the hip injury that ground his career to a halt when world number one.

This year has been no different, with a positive COVID test forcing him to miss the Australian Open then a groin injury striking him down ahead of his planned return in Miami.

Asked if he thinks Andy Murray can regain his former level, Mouratoglou said: “I think he can. I think he wants to.

"I think he’s an incredible champion, but I also think that his body is really tough on him.

“Every time he feels ‘wow, finally, I can start playing’ then he has bad news about his physicality which stops him.

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“If he continues to stop and start all the time, it’s very difficult because he makes progress and his fitness starts to be at a level.

"He needs competition. He starts, but then ‘boom’, he stops again and then he restarts almost from scratch because when you do nothing for a few weeks you lose all the benefit of what you’ve done.

“I think he’s incredibly courageous to be honest, because he’s had a lot of setbacks with his body and he’s still here.

“He shows how much courage he has, which we knew already, but also how much he loves the game.”

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