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Players could face arrest and deportation if they break rules says Australian Open Chief

Australian Open Grand Slam general

Australian Open Tournament Director Craig Tiley has given a clear warning to all players competing in this years competition - abide by the rules or face the consequences. 

Tiley, who has been Australian Open Chief since 2006 has had a difficult challenge just to run the tournament at all this year.

Initially the date of the event had to be changed to adhere to government rules for people entering the country through the pandemic. Then there were issues with the main hotel hosting the players due to resident unrest.

Tiley took a further hit when Roger Federer, who had initially declared that he would make his much anticipated return at the Australian Open, then had to pull out due to injury.

Now with the tournament due to start on 8th February, clear guidelines have been issued to all competitors.

All players must reach Australia by 15th January, they will have to undergo numerous regular coronavirus tests and they will undertake a period of two weeks isolation in their hotel rooms leaving only for pre-arranged court practice.

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And Tiley, who is also CEO for Tennis Australia, has spelled out what breaking these rules could mean.

"In addition to fines of around $20,000 and criminal penalties, any violation of the protocol could result in one of the following additional penalties: disqualification from the tournament, loss of the prize money, even more extensive quarantine, isolation in hotel room ordered by the government, arrest and deportation," Tiley explained.

"The Grand Slams have a different set of rules and most importantly we are very strict about applying them.

"The players understand that any infraction could lead to disqualification and everyone would then be forced to return to their country.

"If someone finds it tiring to respect these rules, then it would be better for them not to come."

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