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Rafa Nadal: 'I want to be remembered as a good person more than a champion'

Rafael Nadal celebrates

Rafa Nadal has been talking about his legacy in the game and how he most wants to be remembered when his tennis days are over.

Nadal, aged 34, equalled Roger Federer's record of 20 Grand Slam titles earlier this month with an impressive 13th Roland Garros trophy in Paris.

Playing arguably the best tennis of his career, Rafa beat world number Novak Djokovic in the French Open final in an almost faultness three-set match.

The win has ignited the contentious GOAT (Greatest of all Time) debate once again with Djokovic currently three behind the leading two with 17 Grand Slam titles.

The Serbian, however is also the youngest at 33 years, meanwhile Federer, aged 39, has limited time left to add to his tally.

Rafa Nadal though, seems to be hitting the greatest form of his life in his golden years, and has been tipped to be the player best positioned to break the all-time Grand Slam record.

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When asked by El Periodico about his impressive career titles and what legacy he would like to leave when he eventually hangs up his racket, Nadal said: "For me, by far the personal issue is more important than the professional one.

"I always say that I would like to be remembered as a good person, good people, much more than a champion or anything else.

"Because, in the end, the victories, the titles, are moments of happiness, of euphoria, of adrenaline, of success, but all that is temporary and I have always been very clear about that; the success and interest that you generate in people, in companies, is temporary.

"That interest is for what I do, not for what I am. The important thing is that the people who know you have a positive opinion of you, the image that is transferred to the world can be manufactured.

"I try to get along with everyone. Why? Because I don't like to argue, I am not one of fighting, polemics. I don't like confrontation." finished Nadal.

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