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Rafael Nadal admits 'untreatable' foot injury causes him pain every day

Rafael Nadal backhand at Madrid Masters

Rafael Nadal has cast doubt over his future in tennis by admitting his foot injury has no treatment and causes him pain 'most days of his life.'

The 21-time Grand Slam winner has managed the condition for most of his career, although he had to step away from the ATP Tour completely because of it for much of last season.

It hasn't seemed to bother him this season, with him winning three titles already - including the Australian Open.

However, following his defeat to Carlos Alcaraz in Madrid, his limp was so pronounced that it prompted a reporter to ask him about it.

“If you saw me on a daily basis, you would not be worried because I limp on many days of my life,” Rafael Nadal said, as quoted by CNN.

“I always have pain in my foot, especially after playing a three-hour match or long training. So it’s normal that now I am walking a little badly.

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“I have a chronic injury which has no treatment. That’s part of my life, and that’s the downside of not being able to finish the match earlier.

"In the short term, I think I am fine, physically speaking, but also, speaking about my feet, it has to adapt to the competition.

“In the short term, as I said, it’s fine, but we wait to see.”

The quarter-final defeat in Madrid was actually Nadal's worst performance of the season, so there appears to be little immediate cause for concern.

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