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'Rafael Nadal has such a great mentality, he doesn't need the crowd,' says Andy Murray

"For someone like Rafael Nadal, I don’t think that crowd affects him that much.."
Rafael Nadal forehand

Andy Murray believes Rafael Nadal is mentally strong enough to not require a crowd and his Roland Garros performance proved it. 

Tennis stars have had to get used to playing behind closed doors this year due to the ever-changing nature of the coronavirus crisis.

But, while many players have reported they have felt they've lost something in their game without the energy of a crowd around them, Murray thinks Nadal has simply ploughed on regardless.

“For someone like Rafael Nadal, I don’t think that crowd affects him that much,” Murray said.

“Because I think he has got such a great mentality, his energy, and his stuff on the court is always really really good. He has got a great attitude.

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"As we saw in this year at the French Open this year, there was no crowd but he still dominated.”

Murray does make one exception though, saying Nadal can sometimes benefit if a vocal crowd in his favour gets into the head of an opponent.

“If the crowd is behind him, it can sometimes have an effect on the opponent.

"In big moments. a break-point, it’ll be different when you step up on the line and all the crowd would be making a big noise, getting behind Rafa.”

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