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'I am able to serve normally again" - Rafael Nadal gives big injury update at Australian Open

Rafael Nadal at Australian Open

Rafael Nadal gave a hugely positive injury update after his Australian Open win over Cameron Norrie, saying he can serve normally again.

Nadal has been managing his fitness throughout the tournament after suffering a back when preparing for the ATP Cup earlier this month.

His serve is what has suffered the most, with him saying he had to change his action in order to protect the injury.

However, he now says that after a fresh round of treatment, the injury has imprived considerably.

"Today was the first day that I was able to serve normal," Nadal explained.

"I have felt an improvement in my back, I have less pain. I have played with almost freedom of movement.

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"I am alive and my back has improved. It seems that what I did yesterday has paid off.

"I try to face adversity in a natural way, without great drama. This Saturday I have taken a step forward and I still need to take it at a tennis level."

Nadal was also asked about rival Novak Djokovic and his injury problems at the Australian Open.

Djokovic beat Taylor Fritz despite suffering what he believes to be a torn abdominal injury, but Nadal says he isn't in a position to comment on what the Serbian is feeling.

"It was strange because for two sets it seemed that he was going to retire and then he played normal. I can not comment on what he feels. A few days ago the options were few. The attitude is what can not fail."

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