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Rafael Nadal says he is 'completely against' making Grand Slams best-of-three sets

'Playing best-of-three demands something less of the player, no?'
Rafael Nadal Paris Masters

Rafael Nadal says tennis would lose too much if they made Grand Slam men's matches best-of-three rather than five. 

The issue of whether more matches on the Tour should be best-of-five was raised by journalists following the first round of matches at the ATP Finals in London.

Nadal's view is clear, though: Grand Slams should remain the pinnacle of achievement, not made easier.

“I am completely against change in the Grand Slams," Nadal said. "We have a day off [between matches].

"I think best-of-five makes a difference in these tournaments, on the slams and at the same time is part of the history of our sport.”

"So, I mean, winning a Grand Slam, playing best-of-three demands something else (less) of the player, no?

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"[You have to be] stronger mentally, stronger physically, be solid for such a long time and for such a long two weeks."

Nadal's views are completely opposed to those of Novak Djokovic, who believes it is time for tennis to move with the times.

“I am more a proponent of two-out-of-three everywhere, even though of course slams have always been best-of-five.

“It’s historically been that way, so I don’t know whether there is a chance at all for it to change.

“I just feel like the attention span, as well as the fans, especially the younger generation, is shorter."

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