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'Some of us don't want to publicise everything' - Rafael Nadal takes aim at Novak Djokovic

Rafael Nadal roar

Rafael Nadal appears to have taken aim at Novak Djokovic as the row over Australian Open quarantine conditions continues to escalate. 

Nadal was the subject of criticism from Argentinian ace Guido Pella, who described his silence on what many consider to be poor conditions for the 72 players in hard quarantine as 'strange.'

That was seen as a stark contrast to world number one Djokovic, who has publicly attempted to intervene on their behalf, despite many considering those attempts to be misguided.

Nadal, though, has hit back at those criticisms, saying that just because he is not going public with everything does not mean he is not trying to help.

"Some need to make public all these things they do for others, some of us do it in a more private way without having to publicise everything," Nadal told ESPN.

"The calls we make to help the most disadvantaged players, some of us don't need or want to advertise it."

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Nadal also addressed the alleged favouritism he and the other top players in the world have enjoyed by being put into a separate bubble in Adelaide instead with better access to training facilities.

"There has been talk that Adelaide people have better conditions, but I have not heard from any Melbourne player that some have much better rooms than others," he explained.

"I have not seen some of those who have complained so much about the conditions in Adelaide complaining about the conditions of the more than 20 players who have not practised.

"Complaints always come from a disadvantaged position. At the time of talking about fair play or equal conditions, people don't tend to complain about the position of those who are worse off than them.

"In the end we all try to get the most out of our possibilities and help each other."

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