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'I feel like I can lose every game I play on the tour,' admits Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal in practice

Rafael Nadal has admitted he 'feels like he can lose every game' he plays on the ATP Tour regardless of all the success he has enjoyed. 

Nadal is one of the most successful players of all time, winning 20 Grand Slam titles, over 1000 career matches, and has been a permanent resident of the world top ten for over 15 years.

Despite all that success, though, he says he never allows himself to go into any match expecting to win.

"To be honest with you, inside I feel like I can lose every game I play on the tour," Nadal said on a Spanish talk show hosted by Pablo Matos.

"I am confident in my abilities and my chances of winning, but I don't tell myself that I have a 100% chance of winning."

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Nadal has actually lost fewer than 20 ATP Tour matches in the last three years, but even so he says he is at risk of being overwhelmed with negativity after a defeat.

“The second I lose the match, my mind is 100% negative,” Nadal said. “Of course it depends on the importance of the match.”

“But in general, I speak with my team, I analyse what was badly done, well done, then 5 minutes later I think about what we will have to work and improve in the future to find solutions."

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