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Rafael Nadal fuels Carlos Alcaraz comparisons, saying: 'He is doing similar to me'

Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal says Carlos Alcaraz is doing things 'similar to him' as the youngster continues his meteoric rise in tennis.

Alcaraz, who turns 19 in three days, has had a stunning start to 2022 winning three tournaments and breaking into the ATP top ten.

He has long been compared to Spanish legend Nadal, although he has rarely welcomed such comparisons.

However, the similarities are certainly striking, with Alcaraz breaking into the top ten at the same age as Nadal did, after the same tournament as Nadal did and on the exact same date as Nadal did.

Alcaraz will be among the home favourites in Madrid again this week and will be many people's tip to win the French Open, and Nadal believes the hype is real.

"As everybody knows it's amazing. He's a big candidate to win a lot of Grand Slams and become the number one player in the world.

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"What he is doing is fantastic so well done for him and I wish him all the very best. He is doing a lot of things similar to me.

"He is young, he has the passion and the energy. He has every single thing to become a huge star.

"I'm like a Spanish spectator, personally I'm happy to have someone like him to stay on the tour for a long time and achieve a lot of things."

Rafael Nadal will make his return from injury in Madrid following six weeks out with a rib injury.

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