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Rafael Nadal on Grigor Dimitrov demolition: 'More his fault than my good tennis'

Rafael Nadal backhand Monte Carlo

Rafael Nadal said his 6-1, 6-1 demolition of Grigor Dimitrov was more about the Bulgarians mistakes than his quality.

Nadal absolutely dominated from the off, and he has now lost just five games in his two matches at Monte-Carlo so far.

However, Dimitrov delivered an extremely poor performance, and the frustration got the best of him, prompting him to execute a spectacular racquet smash in the second set.

Indeed, Dimitrov's performance was so bad that Nadal felt like he couldn't take credit for the win.

“I am sorry for him," Rafael Nadal said of Grigor Dimitrov. "He played a bad match, he made a lot of mistakes.

"I was doing the right things but it’s true that today was more his fault than my good tennis."

“I think I’ve had the right preparation, I felt, for the action again. I’m excited to be here in one of my favourite tournaments without a doubt.

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"So [I’m] just happy to enjoy the competition again, to enjoy the tour and in Mallorca I think I had some good practices.”

“So let’s see, tomorrow will be another tough match and I hope to be ready for it.

“I know it’s always tough when you come back after a while without being on the tour.

"But I think I did the right thing both days. I stayed very focused every single point, even if the score was in my favour, I didn’t lose my concentration or my intensity.”

“That was the goal today, you know, win matches but at the same time when I am playing well just don’t lose it, just keep going and keep making the things the way that I need [them].”

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