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'No one hates to lose more than Rafael Nadal,' says Stefanos Tsitsipas

Rafael Nadal reacts in Barcelona

Stefanos Tsitsipas believes Rafael Nadal 'hates to lose more than anyone else' on the ATP Tour after their Barcelona Open final.

The duo put on a superb show on Sunday, battling it out for over three-and-a-half hours in the longest ATP best-of-three final since records began.

It was Nadal who managed to get himself over the line, though, and afterwards Tsitsipas said he believed the only real difference on the day was the Spaniard's famed competitiveness - and that is something he hopes to emulate himself.

“He’s a real competitor on the court," Tsitsipas said of Nadal. "He hates to lose. He hates to lose more than anyone else.”

“I haven’t seen anyone fight like this. He makes my life really difficult on court.

“I’m there to accept those terms and play based on his desire to fight. It also makes me a better player and I can see myself reaching my limits.

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"It’s definitely something good to have for my personal development and growth.”

Nadal also took time to reciprocate the compliment, tipping Tsitsipas to go on from this tournament and win an awful lot of titles.

“He is a player that plays with a lot of passion," Nadal said. "He is young. He feels the sport.

“He has the talent and the motivation to be better and better, so it is normal that he is improving in all aspects of his game.

"He is one of the candidates to win every single tournament that he is playing.”

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