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'Holding grudges tires me' - Rafael Nadal denies Nick Kyrgios rift despite past clashes

Rafael Nadal in practice

Rafael Nadal says there is no grudge between Nick Kyrgios and him, at least not from his side.

The pair have something of a fiery recent past with each other and there has never appeared to be much love lost between them.

Nadal once blasted Kyrgios for attempting an underarm serve against him, describing it as 'disrespectful.'

Kyrgios then responded by calling Nadal a bad loser, saying he was only nice to other players when he beat them.

However, speaking to Corriere Della Sera, Nadal says that isn't true that they dislike each other.

"They say I don't get along with Kyrgios, but that's not true," Nadal said.

"Once I told him what I had to tell him, and that was it. The truth is that holding grudges tires me."

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Another player to once risk the wrath of Nadal was Tomas Berdych, with whom the Spaniard once clashed at the Madrid Open.

"He deserved it," Nadal recalled laughing. "I'm kidding.

"We actually have a good relationship with Berdych now, we also wanted to play doubles together."

Kyrgios has also recently showed signs that there is no underlying personal issues between them as he hailed Nadal's latest French Open win.

“We had our differences when we played each other," he said. "We’re fiery, we’re competitors and are going to go after each other [on the court]."

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