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Rafael Nadal has reiterated that he has no desire to be world number one again at this stage of his career.

Nadal was the year-end world number one in 2019 but he has not really threatened the position since then. He has, though, remained incredibly competitive winning three more Grand Slams to take his career total to a record 22.

The top ranking mantle is currently held by compatriot Carlos Alcaraz, who became the youngest ATP number one in history after winning a maiden major at the US Open this year.

However, if you thought that would ignite a fresh desire in Nadal to compete with his compatriot to be the top ranked player in his own country, never mind the world, then you should probably think again.

“I don’t fight to be No 1,” Nadal said. “Something that I said since long time ago: I will not fight anymore to be No 1. I did in the past. I achieved that goal a couple of times in my career that I have been very, very happy and proud about. But I am in a moment of my tennis career that I don’t fight to be No 1.”

“It’s obvious that when I was No 1 for the first time in my career in 2008, I really wanted to be there,” Nadal said, “because I felt that 2005, ’06, ’07, including ’08, I was doing amazing results, winning a lot of tournaments, having a lot of points on the ranking system.

“Today is a different story for me. I don’t know how many events I played, like 10, and I finished eight. Difficult to be No 1 like this. But happy to be in that position that says when I was playing, I was playing well.”

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