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Rafael Nadal is 'an icon who has achieved the impossible,' says compatriot

Rafael Nadal has been described as 'an icon who has achieved the impossible' as he continues recovery ahead of US Open.
Rafael Nadal dismisses retirement rumours after winning Roland Garros title

Padel star Paquito Navarro says he has a fresh appreciation for 'icon' Rafael Nadal after he got a small taste of the French Open.

This month saw the Paris Major Premier Padel hosted at Roland Garros for the first time, with Navarro one of the second seeds.

Court Philippe Chatrier was transformed from a tennis venue to a padel one as fans flocked to see the brilliant fledging sport in person.

That particular court has also been the scene of the greatest achievements of Nadal's career, with him winning 14 of his 22 majors there.

And, after feeling the pressure of the venue for the first time, compatriot Navarro says his awe for Rafael Nadal has only increased.

"I see it as impossible, what Rafa Nadal has done," Paquito Navarro said.

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"It doesn't fit in my head that someone has won the Roland Garros title 14 times and the ones that remain because it seems that each time is the last and it's not. All the admiration in the world.

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"Rafa is a benchmark, an idol, and now stepping on this court, feeling how tense it is to play in front of full stands in Paris... it gives him even more merit. He has achieved an impossible."

Rafael Nadal had to withdraw before his Wimbledon semi-final against Nick Kyrgios earlier this month due to a torn abdomen muscle.

However, he is expected to recover quickly and be back in time for the US Open at the end of August.

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