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Rafael Nadal says he 'has not made a decision' on potential Wimbledon withdrawal

Rafael Nadal on potential Wimbledon withdrawal: "I am honest and I haven't made a decision..."
Rafael Nadal facing Wimbledon injury decision

Rafael Nadal said he has not yet decided whether or not he is going to withdraw from Wimbledon with an abdominal injury.

Nadal beat American Taylor Fritz on Wednesday to move into to the semi-finals, but it was an almighty battle for him as he visibly struggled with injury.

His serve was impacted, as was his backhand slice, but he was able to fight through the pain to win it in a deciding set champions tiebreaker.

After the match, he was asked directly if he was going to withdraw from the tournament due to the injury, and he admitted it was too early to say either way.

"If I am here, it's because I am honest and I haven't made a decision," Nadal said.

"The decision at the end - all the decisions - are the player decision, but at the same time I need to know different opinions and I need to check everything the proper way, no?

"That is even something more important than win Wimbledon, that is the health. Let's see how this is going."

“I had these feelings for a couple of days but without a doubt today was the worst day.

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"(There has) been an important increase of pain and limitation. I managed to win that match but we’ll see what’s going on tomorrow.

"I can't give you a clear answer because if I give you a clear answer and another thing tomorrow happens, I will be a liar."

Rafael Nadal had a medical time out during the second set of the match, with him leaving the court briefly to receive attention.

He seemed to get stronger as the match progressed from there, but he said that was nothing to do much with the treatment.

"They can't do much, honestly, no. Doctor came, give me some anti-inflammatories. Well, anti-inflammatories and analgesic, and that's it," he said.

"The physio just tried to relax a little bit the muscle there. But it's difficult. Nothing can be fixed when you have a thing like this.

"As I said before, I just wanted to give myself a chance. Not easy to leave the tournament. Not easy to leave Wimbledon, even if the pain was hard."

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