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Rafael Nadal injury is 'terrible,' says Novak Djokovic as he gives thoughts on Wimbledon withdrawal

Novak Djokovic has empathised with Rafael Nadal over his Wimbledon withdrawal, saying that he has experience of the injury himself and it is a 'terrible' one.
Rafael Nadal Wimbledon withdrawal retirement

Novak Djokovic has empathised with Rafael Nadal over his Wimbledon withdrawal, describing the injury as 'terrible.'

Nadal suffered the injury during his quarterfinal clash with Taylor Fritz. He was able to win the match, somehow, but decided to withdraw from the tournament the following day ahead of the semi-finals.

The injury was reminiscent of the one Djokovic suffered at the 2019 Australian Open, also against Fritz oddly enough, and he was asked for his views on Nadal's withdrawal given that he was able to win a Grand Slam under similar circumstances.

"I don't know exactly what kind of injury [Nadal] has," Djokovic told SportKlub. "From what I've heard, it's a torn stomach muscle - but I don't know which one.

"I experienced a rupture of a muscle on the left side, which ruptured in the third round against Fritz. I wrote down everything that happened to me at the time, and if your question was aimed at the fact that some people did not believe that it was possible to play with such an injury - I can say that it is terribly difficult."

The injury was on the right for Rafael Nadal, not the left. However, since he is left-handed it affects him in the same way, particularly on the serve.

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Nadal said after his quarterfinal against Fritz that he didn't feel there was anything, medically, that could really be done to help him manage it.

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People used Djokovic's injury at the Australian Open to suggest there was, but he himself says people should not underestimate what it took to get him through that tournament. Fans will also get the chance to judge for themselves.

"I drank all the painkillers in the world and did every possible therapy and treatment," Djokovic added.

"I was on machines, devices and I noted and recorded all of that in a documentary that will be broadcast by the end of the year. Well, let people watch it and then they will be able to convince themselves of one or the other."

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