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Rafael Nadal says he 'can't be super happy' despite improvement in foot injury

Rafael Nadal has given his thoughts on his injury ahead of Wimbledon, explaining why he feels be 'can't be super happy' despite getting the pain under control.
Rafael Nadal not super happy before Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal says that while his foot injury has improved significantly, he still can't be 'super happy' for fear of the problem flaring up again.

Nadal has suffered from the degenerative problem for almost all of his career, but he has found it much harder to manage in the last 12 months.

The injury caused him to step away from from the ATP Tour last year and, although he returned with a bang to win the Australian Open this season, it re-emerged just days before Roland Garros in Rome.

He was able to get through the tournament, which he won, using pain-killing injections, but he is now hopeful a round of radiotherapy treatment has provided a more lasting solution.

“The feeling and overall feelings are positive, no, because I am in a positive way in terms of pain, and that’s the main thing,” Nadal told the press ahead of Wimbledon.

“[It] is obvious that if I am here, it’s because things are going better. If not, I would not be here.

"So [I'm} quite happy about how things evolved. I can’t be super happy because I don’t know what can happen.”

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Rafael Nadal previously has spoken about how the injury has affected his every day life, not just his tennis career.

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However, he said that since the treatment he has seen a real improvement there too, and that is more important than his tennis.

“First of all, I can walk normal most of the days, almost every single day,” Nadal said. “That’s for me the main issue.

"When I wake up, I don’t have this pain that I was having for the last year and a half, so quite happy about that. And second thing, practicing.

"I have been better overall, honestly. Since the last two weeks, I didn’t have not one day of these terrible days that I can’t move at all. Of course, some days better; some days a little bit worse.”

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