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Rafael Nadal: 'Lockdown was a really bad time for me - my body did not respond well'

Rafa has lifted the lid on his lockdown troubles, including training problems and the fight against loneliness.
Rafael Nadal ball toss at Roland Garros

Rafael Nadal says lockdown was 'really bad' for him as his body 'did not respond well' when allowed to only sporadically train.

Nadal controversially decided not to defend his US Open title in September due to the problems and wanting to focus on his clay preparations instead.

However, after another successful Roland Garros, Nadal decided to lift the lid on his struggles during lockdown, and said that his decisions have now been vindicated.

"On a personal level after the Lockdown I had really bad times and my body did not respond in the best possible way during the pandemic," Rafael Nadal told reporters after his French Open final win.

"I had days where I could train very little and I had unpleasant sensations throughout my body. Also I had to do a workout without clear goals and this aggravated all my problems.

"The reality is that I had the right people by my side and they pushed me when needed giving me freedom when I needed it.

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"We had to make tough decisions like not going to New York. It's all good or bad based on the final result.

"Now everyone seems to have been successful because I won at Roland Garros, but if I had lost maybe it wouldn't have been like that.

"This is the reality of sport, a world based totally on its results.

"Compared to my team I suffered a lot more from the bubble. I am a person who prefers to be with people while for example Carlos Moya has always had the ability to fend for himself as well as my physiotherapist.

"For me it is a bit more difficult. The days seemed really long for me."

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