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'Rafael Nadal is mentally stronger than Novak Djokovic,' claims Andy Murray

Rafael Nadal looks back

Andy Murray believes Rafael Nadal is mentally stronger than Novak Djokovic, although he says there has been times he has doubted that. 

Murray was speaking to Gael Monfils during last week's ATP Finals on Twitch, when he was asked who he rates as the mentally toughest between tennis' top two.

And, for Murray, the answer was clear if judged over the course of their careers, despite Djokovic's best efforts.

"I actually had this conversation with Novak, I did an Instagram live with him during the first sort of lockdown that we had due to the coronavirus," Murray said.

"I said to him that for me like there’s been times during his career when I would pick him ahead of Rafa on the mental part.

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"[But] if I look at a career as a whole of every single match in every single tournament in their career then I would say - you know like this week we were talking about where Novak was mentally, how he was feeling - that wasn’t something we were concerned about with Rafa Nadal.

"And that’s something that I’ve never really been concerned about with him like I never think that’s gonna be a problem for him like motivation or mental side of things.

"So that’s why just as a whole for his career, I’ve got to take Rafa I think (as the mentally stronger player).”

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