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'It was a major boost for me' - Rafael Nadal pays tribute to coach Carlos Moya

Carlos Moya and Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal says that knowing Carlos Moya wanted to work with him gave him a major and timely boost in his career.

Nadal was moving into the later stages of his career when he came together with Moya four years ago.

Although he failed to win a Grand Slam for two years, but he has enjoyed a huge amount of success under the tutelage of former world number one Moya, who helped him develop a more aggressive game.

"The fact that in 2017 he hoped to work with me as a coach, I think it was a boost for me," Rafael Nadal told sponsors Telefonico.

"And I think the fact that, not only has he lived all those experiences, but has also shared them with me as a player.

"I think that makes him have a good perspective of what he thinks can suit me at all times.

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Moya is just the latest in a long line of people who have supported Nadal throughout his career, and he says he appreciates the efforts of every single one of them.

"Without all the people who have been by my side none of this [my success] would have been possible.

"That if my uncle had not introduced me to tennis or helped me decisively during practically my entire career, I would not be where I am.

"That if my father and my mother had not been willing to accompany me to a place every weekend and not doing the things that maybe they had other options to do, maybe they had more fun.

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