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'Rafael Nadal looked like he had physical issues against Novak Djokovic,' suggests Andy Murray

Rafael Nadal sad at French Open

Andy Murray says it looked like Rafael Nadal 'had some physical issues' in his Roland Garros defeat to Novak Djokovic.

Nadal lost just his third ever match on the clay of Paris, with the world number one downing him in the semi-finals.

He then announced he had pulled out of both Wimbledon and the Olympics because he 'had to listen to his body,' and Murray has suggested an injury might be at least partly behind it.

However, Murray also thinks the harsh realities of life inside the Covid-secure bubbles has left tennis players mentally weary, and that may also be a big factor.

"With Rafa, obviously it's a shame, shame for him, shame for the tournaments," Murray said. "Yeah, this year is hard.

"With the bubbles and everything, you know, you need to be right into it and be prepared to sort of go through that for. A lot of the players are finding it difficult.

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"Some of them obviously went through it through the whole of the or most of the clay court season, you know, so then potentially having to go through that at Wimbledon and then doing it again in the Olympics and stuff is mentally very difficult for everyone.

"I don't know if he has any physical issues either. He obviously had, looked like he had some issues at the end of the match with Novak potentially.

"But, yeah, I think hopefully when things sort of open up again, I think over in the States it's looking like we will be playing in front of like full crowds.

"Maybe the bubbles and stuff are not going to be as strict, and I'm sure more of the players will be more committed to more tournaments."

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