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Rafael Nadal: 'The day I don't feel pressure is the day I'll say goodbye'

Rafael Nadal celebrating

Rafael Nadal says he welcomes the pressure that the French Open brings, and when it goes he knows it will be time to retire.

Nadal has won 13 Roland Garros titles during his career, and should he win another next month he will surpass Roger Federer to become the man to win more Grand Slam titles than any man in history.

Going into the tournament, his record makes his an incredible scalp and expectation just keeps on ramping up the pressure for him to deliver, but he says he is more than okay with that.

"The day when [you don't feel pressure] is the day to say goodbye," Rafael Nadal told Bleacher Report.

"Without those emotions, the pressure, it's difficult to play at your best level. I think you need to feel these feelings.

"It's always a personal pressure, I want to play well, I know the things that I need to do and I know if I am able to play at my highest level I hope to have my chances to play well and to be very competitive there."

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Nadal also says he is not even thinking about the Grand Slam record, although he admits he wants it.

"I am not approaching the event like it's an amazing opportunity to achieve the 21st Grand Slam," he said.

"I'm approaching Roland Garros like I am playing probably the most important event of my tennis career.

"Of course, I would love to have [the record], but for me, it's about Roland Garros."

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