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Rafael Nadal: 'I may want to retire next year, but at the moment I'm not considering it'

Rafael Nadal has been discussing his retirement plans, and what could ultimately make him walk away from the game.
Rafael Nadal in practice

Rafael Nadal admits he can't guarantee he won't want to retire next year, but he 'doesn't consider it' yet.

Nadal won the French Open to equal Roger Federer's record 20 Grand Slam titles earlier this month, producing his brilliant best to beat Novak Djokovic in the final.

However, after 19 years as a professional, he says the passion still burns strong and, while he can't offer any guarantees, he currently isn't even thinking about hanging up his racket.

"I can't guess when I'll retire, no," Rafael Nadal told El Periodico when asked if he has made any plans. "Who knows if that will be the same in a year's time.

"You cannot predict the future. I don't know what life will bring, maybe things will happen that will make me disillusioned about what I'm doing.

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"Hopefully that is not the case! Of course, to this day, I see it unlikely, but one must always be prepared because things change very quickly.

"Of course, I am not afraid of that day and, therefore, I do not consider it.

"It is clear to me that when I arrived, I will feel it, I will know it, I will realize, probably that I will no longer feel that passion that moves me to go to training every morning, those continuous improvement objectives that one needs to remain competitive.

"When that happens, it will be time to say I quit and start doing things that are as or more important than tennis, of course."

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