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Rafael Nadal revealed he thought that he had broken his nose in a freak accident involving his racket at the US Open.

During his second-round clash with Fabio Fognini, Nadal’s racket ricocheted off the court and struck him on the nose. He immediately stopped play and sought a medical time-out as he was bleeding.

The rules state that players cannot play if they are bleeding on the court, and Nadal was able to resume with a plaster on his nose.

On his on-court interview he said he felt ‘dizzy,’ but he now believes it is not as serious as he first feared.

“We don't need to create a story,” Nadal explained. “Was just a strong hit. At the beginning I thought I broke the nose because it was a shock at the beginning. Was very painful.

“I lost little bit the feeling of my head. It's about being a little bit out of the world.

“I don't know, seems like is not broken. I am not sure yet. I don't know. I think it's getting bigger and bigger.

“No, that's just a shock. In some way I deserved to play that bad for a while. No, is joking. Things that happen sometimes, yeah.”

Rafael Nadal started the match horrendously. In fact, he described it as the worst he has ever started a match in his entire career.

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Rafael Nadal receives treatment for nose injury

He was able to recover and win the match 2-6, 6-4, 6-2, 6-1, although he said the injury did create a dangerous moment for him.

“I was not able to be very focus when I come back from that,” he said. “I was little bit in shock. I know that when I come back on court I going to be in trouble for a while. But I needed to save that serve.

“I was lucky was 15-40. But I have a couple of good serves and a good passing shot with the backhand. I won the game.

“Tennis is a lot about moments. The most important thing in this game is when you are playing bad or when the opponent is playing too good, don't be too far on the score. When you are playing very well, create an advantage, no?

“It's about making the things happens in the right moments. Today I was not doing that for a while. Then I think I started to compete. That's what I was looking for a set and a half, start to compete. I was not competing, no? Something unusual of me.

“But positive thing, I stayed there. I was positive. Even if the disaster was huge, I was not too frustrated. Just accepting the situation, stay humble enough that don't consider myself too good to not accept a lot of mistakes."

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