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Rafael Nadal on Roger Federer retirement speculation: 'I don't know, but...'

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal -atp rankings controversy

Rafael Nadal says he has no idea when Roger Federer will retire but he hopes he carries on for a while - as long as he wins no more Grand Slams!

Nadal and Federer are currently tied with 20 Grand Slam titles apiece, although Nadal appears to have a lot more left in the tank than 39-year-old Federer.

Federer himself fuelled retirement rumours this week when he appeared to cast doubt over his future whilst accepting a Sports award in Switzerland.

“I hope there is still something to see from me next year,” Federer said said. “But if that was it, that would have been an incredible ending for me at these Sports Awards.

“I’m still giving myself time to decide,” Federer explained. ” I also know that the next three months are going to be crucial for me.”

Nadal, though, is refusing to speculate, but he thinks tennis is a better product with Federer on the court.

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“I don’t know how long he is going to keep on going,” Nadal said of Federer.

“I think it’s great if you ask me if I’d rather be the one to win the Grand Slam [race], yeah I would.

"I think it’s also good for tennis that Federer comes back with a fighting spirit, and we have this rivalry.

"I think that this makes this sport much larger, looking at it from a global point of view, not from my personal point of view.

"I think it’s entertaining and good for our sport.”

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