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'We fixed Rafael Nadal's second serve and now he sees it as a weapon, not a weakness,' says coach

Rafael Nadal serving

Rafael Nadal had to improve his second serve to remain competitive, claims one the Spaniard's long-time coaches.

Nadal has just equalled Roger Federer's all-time Grand Slam count of 20, and still remains one of the dominant players on the ATP Tour at the age of 34.

However, that has not been something that has been easy to achieve, according to Francsico Roig, who has been working with Nadal since 2005.

“Rafa has been getting more out of the service for three years,” Roig told La Vanguardia.

"This way you add free points. It was not so much a problem of speed, as of the bounce, especially in the second serve: when the ball bounced, it did not skid.

"We fixed that and now he identifies the serve as a weapon. We did not do it for that, but to remain competitive [because] it is true that he is the age he is, and does not move like he did when he was 20 years."

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Roig also hailed Nadal personally, saying that humility is a bedrock of his character.

“In the circuit you hear things. There are players with a high ranking that think they should have privileges. Rafael Nadal is open to dialogue, he listens, he is spontaneous. He doesn't think he's Rafael Nadal.

"He does not enter into believing himself to be more important, he does not see himself with more rights than any other person.

“Obviously, he has certain social privileges. But their treatment is the same from day one. I guess his uncle has something to do with it."

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