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Rafael Nadal 'shares nothing' jokes Dominic Thiem after Adelaide defeat

Dominic Thiem at US Open

Dominic Thiem was in a thankful mood after competing in front of a full crowd for the first time in a year, and says he's hoping for great things in the future.

World number three Thiem was playing World number two Rafael Nadal in a pre-slam curtain raiser in Adelaide billed as 'A Day at the Drive' ahead of the Australian Open.

It was clear that both players were enjoying being back on court again, with the atmosphere of a crowd cheering them on, and plenty of laughs were shared over the net.

Nadal won the match 7-5, 6-4, but with the result not important, Thiem was positive and jovial in his post-match interview.

"It's been a very tough year for everybody" said Thiem.

"Now and today it's time to be really thankful and grateful to Australia for everything you guys did for us.

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"It's a great two weeks here in Adelaide. It's the first full crowd for almost a year so it's a pleasure for us, so thank you very much."

When asked if the US Open win has changed his life, Thiem replied, "Yeh it took away a lot of pressure off myself as I really wanted the title so much.

"I lost three finals and it was tough, two against this guy (looking at Nadal and laughing) but I finally got it.

"It was my biggest wish I ever had in my tennis career, so I made that. But I also hope that there are great things waiting for me in the future.

When the court interviewer commented on the Grand Slam finals in which Nadal has defeated Thiem, the Austrian replied, "Yes, he doesn't share much especially at the French Open..nothing!"

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