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Rafael Nadal: 'I would sign now for 24 Grand Slam wins, but I won't be betting on it'

Rafa keeping it real in Grand Slams race, saying time is catching up on all of the Big Three.
Rafael Nadal ball toss at Roland Garros

Rafael Nadal says he will 'sign up now' to win 24 Grand Slams in his career, but he won't be betting on it happening.

Nadal won his 20th Grand Slam title of his career this month at Roland Garros - a record he now shares with Roger Federer.

Federer and Nadal also have Novak Djokovic breathing down their necks on 17, and the Serb has admitted that the Grand Slam race is a 'career priority' for him.

Told by the La Resistencia interviewer of his prediction that he will win the Grand Slam race with 24 titles, Nadal replied laughing: "I'll sign up [now] to finish with 24.

"Give me a pen and I sign! It's going well for me, but I see it difficult.

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Roger Federer Rafael Nadal Novak Djokovic

"I think you have a lot of faith in me but time passes for everyone, both for me and for Roger and Novak. The years go by for all of us and that (the 24 Grand Slams) would not be my bet.

"Djokovic is the one who will probably now have the longest career among the three of us but is also a little behind in terms of Grand Slam titles."

Nadal will finish 2020 with the Paris Masters and the ATP Finals in London before signing off for the season and turning his attention to being ready for the Australian Open in January.

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