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'I was very lucky to train Rafael Nadal, but I don't miss it,' says Toni

Rafael Nadal celebrating

Toni Nadal says he stepped away from coaching nephew Rafael Nadal when he realised he no longer had anything left to contribute. 

Rafael Nadal is seen by many as the greatest player to ever play tennis and he owes much to Toni, who trained him from childhood.

That partnership continued into his professional career, eventually coming to an end in 2017 when Carlos Moya took over the reigns.

For Toni, though, the time was absolutely right to walk away.

"I had come to believe that my contribution was no longer necessary,” Toni Nadal said in an interview with Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

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“I've been a very demanding coach all my life. But it was always my goal to educate him to demand everything from himself.

"The job of a trainer is to make yourself dispensable. I think I did it.”

Asked if he missed working with Rafael Nadal, Toni replied: "No, I was very lucky to train a great player who is also my nephew.

“I enjoyed that and I feel grateful for it too. But I like to train children, like now at the academy in Manacor, because I have the feeling that I can give them more than my nephew."

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