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Rafael Nadal vows to 'move forward with a positive attitude' after Wimbledon injury blow

Rafael Nadal is already back in Spain after his Wimbledon withdrawal, and he says a 'positive attitude' is now the only way forward.
Rafael Nadal practice concern

Rafael Nadal says he will press on with a 'positive attitude' after arriving home in Spain after his Wimbledon withdrawal.

Nadal had high hopes of pursuing a Calendar Grand Slam when he arrived in London, but he saw his challenge cruelly cut short by injury.

Perhaps even more cruelly, it was not his chronic foot problem that stopped him from continuing at Wimbledon, but an abdomen tear.

He managed to battle through the injury to beat Taylor Fritz in the quarterfinals, but opted to withdraw ahead of his semi-final.

However, after landing in Barcelona on Friday, Nadal vowed to not allow the disappointment to impact him.

"In the end there is no choice but to look forward," Nadal told reporters. "As always, accept things as they come and have a positive attitude."

Rafael Nadal said he had hoped to play on at Wimbledon, and he spent some time practicing his serving on Thursday.

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However, it was then that he discovered he would not be able to compete, and he took the reluctant decision to walk away from Wimbledon.

“The most dangerous thing that can happen today is that I end my tennis career, because I think that things are going to go better without a doubt,” he said in his final press conference at Wimbledon.

“As I always said, for me the most important thing is happiness more than any title, even if everybody knows how much effort I put to be here.

“But I can’t risk that match and stay two, three months outside of the competition because that would be a tough thing for me. If that happens, it happens. But not because I was not doing things the proper way.”

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