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Wimbledon court 'will favour Rafael Nadal' if he reaches the final, claims top analyst

Rafael Nadal has struggled through two rounds at Wimbledon while Novak Djokovic has looked flawless, but one top analyst thinks Rafa will have an advantage if they meet in the final.
Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon

Mats Wilander believes the court will suit Rafael Nadal over Novak Djokovic should they meet in the final of Wimbledon.

Djokovic has won the last three editions of Wimbledon and he has looked absolutely imperious in the tournament so far this year too.

Nadal, on the other hand, is playing his first tournament on grass in three years and has not won a Wimbledon title since 2010.

That has been reflected in his matches so far, with the Spaniard still searching for his best form after two matches.

However, despite that, Wilander believes if Nadal can keep on winning and get himself to a final showdown with Djokovic, he might find Centre Court to his advantage.

"It's completely irrelevant what you look like and what you feel like after two matches because they are only going to play in the finals," he told Eurosport. "They are both going to get four more matches to get there.

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"The court here at Wimbledon is going to be completely different if they play in the final. It's going to be drier, worn out.

"It's going to play out more like a clay court so if they were to play today or Friday first week then yes so far Djokovic has maybe looked a little bit better.

"But the longer the tournament goes the more the surface starts to favour Rafa Nadal.

"It doesn't mean I think Nadal is going to beat Djokovic in the final necessarily but like I said before they are just winning matches and peak at the right time. So far they haven't had to peak."

Rafael Nadal will continue his quest for a third Wimbledon title as he faces Italian Lorenzo Sonego on Saturday.

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