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'Rafael Nadal win tells me he is unbeatable,' says Mats Wilander

Rafael Nadal fist pump French Open

Rafael Nadal is 'unbeatable,' according to Mats Wilander, and his win over Diego Schwartzman shows why.

Nadal dropped his first set in 12 matches at the French Open as the Argentine stepped up to mount a real challenge on Court Philippe-Chatrier.

However, Nadal's response was fierce, and he came back from the disappointment stronger than ever to completely blow Schwartzman's resistance away.

That, according to Wilander gives a telling insight into what it takes to get the best of Rafael Nadal on clay.

"It was a close match, for sure," Wilander told Eurosport.

"It's amazing that Diego Schwartzman has this ability to play against Rafa Nadal - being that he is pretty short and he generates so much power and he bothers Rafa so much.

"It was an incredible level until the end of the third set and then Rafa just goes another step above and you just can't stay with him. This match tells me Rafa is unbeatable.

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"I think it was good that he was tested today and it was important to lose a set to feel like he has the confidence to come back.

"I feel like Rafa found out today just what Novak found out against Mussetti, that you cannot be too passive from the beginning.

"Of course this is the hardest thing in tennis to do, and I'm speaking from my own experience - at the beginning you just don't want to make mistakes and if you are playing an opponent like Diego Schwartzman it's not really good enough to play the whole match like that.

"Rafa is good enough to solve the problem, he now knows he needs to start more aggressively in the semi-finals."

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